50 Things You Didn’t Know about Me! (Numbers 1-10)

  1. I work all hours drawing motivational cartoons – because I absolutely love what I do! (Verging on a workaholic!)
  2. I love to keep fit, even at 55 I still play 5-a-side football/soccer once a week and squash 2-3 times a week.
  3. I have a black Labrador ‘Jet’ that I walk three times a day – he gives me a break from working!
  4. I’ve drawn a doggy cartoon strip ‘SCRAGGS’ for 15 years – or 105 doggy ones!
  5. I’m always interested in doing private commissions and corporate ones Well to be honest I’m always interested in any commission, like I said I love what I do.
  6. I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to draw cartoons for a living.
  7. I have a wife of nearly 25 years and two daughters Samantha(20) and Steffanie(17)
  8. I turned freelance back in 1982 – all my friends said I wouldn’t make it as a cartoonist and that I should get a REAL job! (Well I proved them all wrong with shear determination and perseverance – and here I am today to tell the tale.)
  9. I drive a five year old BMW X3 – had it from new.
  10. I live in a six bedroom house – four years ago it was a four bed one but I extended over the garage and built two extra rooms to house my cartoon studio.(Used to have a studio in the town centre Chesterfield – but the rent rates and everything else kept going up and up. Stay tuned! More to follow over the next week.
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