11. Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich was the first ever self improvement book I ever read. And God am I grateful for finding this!

12. I listen to inspiring mp3’s on my iPod while I’m out walking my dog.

13. I work alone – so for company listen to the local radio station Peak FM while I’m working – then change to motivational videos like ‘The Secret’ when I need a gee up. I have loads of self-development books but I now prefer listening instead of reading.

14. I read inspiring quotes and draw quick cartoons to illustrate them. I post them all over the place – on post it notes my computer screen so I can refer to them often.

15. Go to bed every night with a good self-development book and destroy by them by highlighting paragraphs that appeal to me. They’re covered in highlights and cartoon sketches!

16. I wake up in the morning and immediately re-read my goal sheet to set my day off in the right direction.

17. I did a FIRE WALK at a Tony Robbins workshop years ago – it gave me a great sense of belief in myself that I could do anything I put my mind to.

18. I’m currently toying around with either buying a new iPod or going for the latest iPhone.(I’m a Mac – not a PC!)

19. I’ve recently started attending once a month wine tasting evenings – trying to get away from my ‘beer-man’ image.(Although I still enjoy a beer after a work out.)

20. I’m reading up on blogging and have subscribed to a couple of online courses. So hopefully this blog will improve over the coming months! 

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