Just this past week I took on the role of coaching my son’s soccer team. The only way I would agree to do this though was to get each of the players written agreement that they would attend all training sessions.

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I appointed a Manager, who is one of the fathers of one of the team members, and three of the best players to assist me as assistant coaches.

And then first up my aim was to create a vision for winning, take a whole bunch of individuals and form them into a team, and concentrate on getting them fit or conditioning them so that they could last the games and the season with a limited number of injuries.

Those same principles can be applied to living a successful life…


Without a vision people perish. Without a goal you will lack purpose and direction.

Each time I expand my business I need to renew my vision. And it is the vision that allows me to grow and to expand. First the vision, then the reality.

So if you want to win in life you first need to get a vision of winning. See yourself succeeding. Write down the life you see yourself living. Review it regularly and then step out of the boat and walk on the water. You will not drown. The vision will carry you through storm and wind. And before you know it, you will be living the vision and be ready to create yet another vision that goes even further beyond your wildest dreams.


You can’t do life alone. Solitude is only meant for lives for a short time. In order to grow you need to be part of a team.

A successful businessman once told me that the day he started to become rich was the very first day he hired someone in his business. I have recently hired an additional 9 people in my business and even though the expense for me at this time was a stretch, already the stretch is paying handsome dividends and I’m starting to be freed up like never before to do those things that I really need to do.


If you do not spend the correct time in preparation you could find yourself running out of steam. So spend time building your heart, your mind and your spirit. As the good book says, you find more about a person in a crisis than at any other time. That’s when the true character of an individual is revealed.

So prepare yourself by soaking yourself in a positive environment, reading positive books and being surrounded by positive groups of people.

The other day, as I was interviewing a salesperson for my business, he asked me how I dealt with stress. My response was ‘I pray’. That is one part of conditioning that has carried me through some of the roughest and treacherous periods of my life. But the habit of prayer also sustains me when the seas of my life are calm. Whether rough or smooth I have learnt to condition my life.

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