Personalised caricatures from photos.

I can create personalised caricatures from your photos to whatever you wish.(Within reason!) I don’t tend to pull people to pieces but add the humour into the background detail. This one was created for a 50th birthday present and printed out onto a quality canvas and presented at the party.

personalised caricatures from a photos - guy at a racecourse winning a load of money on the horses. Pound notes floating around everywhere. Guy holding a pint of beer sloshing it about as he leaps with joy of winning, horses in background running on track. The caricature is titled 'THE WINNER' and also has a caption underneath it '“It’s not the taking part that counts - it’s the WINNING!”

Email Richard or give him a call to discuss your needs. Send me a photo or two of the person or people you’d like a caricature of. A nice close up shot with a big smile creates better results.

Personalised caricatures –  let me know of their interests and hobbies and I’ll include them in the picture.

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