“Cartoonist”, creating health and safety cartoons that make people think and stop accidents!

Health and safety cartoon to illustrate safety hazards in a hospital pharmacy.

You can commission bespoke health and safety cartoons from Richard by calling him on 01246 209034 or emailing.

Health and safety cartoons. Cartoon of pharmacy health hazards, smoking in non smoking area, pouring toxic liquids down the sink, sharps, sharp objects protruding, eating sandwiches in non food area, health and safety poster upside-down.

Basic health and safety cartoons are actually a simple and efficient way of having the content out to the involved individuals without the need for much next.

People do not frequently read wording given out to them however any cartoon can summarize most of the text yet still get the safety idea throughout.

The purchase of these health and safety cartoons could prevent an accident and save time filling in ‘accident books’

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