“Cartoonists”, draws health and safety cartoons that highlight fire hazards!

Over the last 30 years as a freelance cartoonist I’ve produced numerous cartoons to enhance both training and Health and safety messages.

You can purchase the below cartoon from the main site at: health and safety cartoons

Most organisations primarily use the health and safety cartoons as posters, usually updating them on a regular basis. Others use them in their monthly newsletters to employees or email them. This keeps employees informed of any ongoing health and safety issues.

Health and safety cartoons - Care home fire hazards. Fire hazards care home, spot the fire hazards, blocked fire exit, overloaded socket, covered smoke detector, naked flames, patient smoking, toaster about to set fire, fire door wedged open, fire extinguisher covered over out of sight

Here’s a few safety quotes to remind you that you must always be aware of H & S issues…

“Crushed Hands Or Missing Fingers May Affect Your Golf Swing.”

“Do the do’s not the don’ts!”

“Don’t learn safety by accident!”

Health and safety cartoons are available for purchase from my main site – remember if you stop one accident you will have paid for it many times over.

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