Are You a WINNER – well you can be with a caricature!

Personalised caricatures from photos.

I can create personalised caricatures from your photos to whatever you wish.(Within reason!) I don’t tend to pull people to pieces but add the humour into the background detail. This one was created for a 50th birthday present and printed out onto a quality canvas and presented at the party.

personalised caricatures from a photos - guy at a racecourse winning a load of money on the horses. Pound notes floating around everywhere. Guy holding a pint of beer sloshing it about as he leaps with joy of winning, horses in background running on track. The caricature is titled 'THE WINNER' and also has a caption underneath it '“It’s not the taking part that counts - it’s the WINNING!”

Email Richard or give him a call to discuss your needs. Send me a photo or two of the person or people you’d like a caricature of. A nice close up shot with a big smile creates better results.

Personalised caricatures –  let me know of their interests and hobbies and I’ll include them in the picture.

iPhone creator inspiring motivational quote!

I was a great admirer of Steve Jobs and always been a ‘Mac’ person – so I thought it was fitting to draw a cartoon to one of his best quotes…

caricature of Steve Jobs saying one of his greatest motivational quotes about perseverance. Also in the cartoon is Scraggs the dog holding an iPhone.

It’s NOT Too Late To Have A Personalised Caricature Created As A Christmas Gift!

You’ve still got time to have a personalised caricature from photos created  in time for a Christmas pressie!

personalised caricatures from photos illustrating two ladies who have been on a shopping expedition to Meadowhall Sheffield. Both holding cocktails and have loads of designer shopping bags

If you move pretty quickly!

If you want a personalised caricature from photos created in time for Christmas call Richard on 00  44 1246 209034 or email

If you are looking for a Christmas gift caricature, then you’re at the right place – I can create individual caricatures, football caricatures, sports caricatures, group caricatures, wedding day caricatures, golf day caricatures, corporate caricatures, retirement gift caricatures, anniversary caricatures, couple carciatures, carciature for children as well as fully personalised caricatures from photos and your own description, it could not be more simple to place your order – just give me a call or drop me an email. I’m here to help! And I only draw ‘kind’ unexaggerated ones – I don’t take the mickey about someones features! The humour can be in the theme of the caricature.

personalised caricature from photos of a guy who is retiring from his job as a doctor, speeding off in his cartoon Jaguar and throwing away his doctor's medicine bag

If you want a personalised caricature from photos created in time for Christmas call Richard on 00  44 1246 209034 or email

Personalised caricatures from photos – Adding caricatures as part of your wedding!

Adding caricatures as part of your wedding…

You can make your wedding day memorable just by adding wedding caricatures in your wedding event plans. The caricatures may be done as part of the wedding invitations or even as wedding gift ideas. They are a good means of ensuring that you actually stand out.

Hire Caricaturist for personalised caricatures from photos here! or Tel Richard on +44 (0)1246 209034

personalised wedding caricature drawn from photos. Bridegroom is holding a shotgun as shooting is his main hobby and the bride is holding a fishing rod with a trout on the end of it. As you can see anything goes in caricatures!

Other than being amusing, they’re furthermore inexpensive. These kinds of things guarantee laughter for they bring out the humorous aspect in every individual. The thinking behind any caricature is normally to find the biggest characteristic of the individual or even whatever makes them get noticed and magnifies these things, making the cartoon interesting.

caricature created from photos - picture of bridegroom, bestman and users outside church

You could make caricatures specifically for the invitations to the wedding of the actual couple getting wed. Besides being hilarious, it is actually a great technique of designing wedding invitations because it’s distinct from the standard elegant cards with classy scripts that men and women generally elect to use in their own wedding invitations. In addition you can personalize the invitations by having the actual cartoonist draw a caricature of the man or woman you are giving the card to. All you’ll need is basically a current photograph of the actual man or woman and the cartoonist could draw it for you. It will additionally help to present the particular cartoonist the particular details of the person’s character, qualities, interests and the like to be able to make every single caricature distinctive.

Hire Caricaturist for personalised caricatures from photos here! or Tel Richard on +44 (0)1246 209034

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