Why you should hire a professional cartoonist, not an amateur.

An article explaining why quality matters when hiring the best professional cartoonist for the job.

If you find yourself in need of a cartoonist in today’s market of online freelancing websites, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of people to choose from. Different artists from all over the World charging different prices, with different skillsets and different qualities. There are literally tens of thousands of options to choose from. It may be tempting to choose the cheapest option you see – $2 for a cartoon may look great, but when the average price for a cartoon can be between $20 and $100 – you have to ask why it is being offered for so cheap. The answer is simple: They are an amateur cartoonist! You would not hire a boy-scout with a surgeon’s badge to operate on you, so why settle for anything less than the best when choosing your cartoonist. You may be asking why it is so important to spend the extra money on a professional cartoonist. Well,

  • Can the amateur complete your cartoon in the timescale you require?

A cheap, amateur cartoonist may tell you that they will complete your cartoon to a high standard in the time span you need. But ask yourself this question. If they are offering their services so cheaply, how many clients do you think they have at a single time? They are likely taking up all the work they possibly can, meaning you may be waiting days longer than expected for….

  • Sub-standard or downright terrible work

A cartoonist is an artist. Why hire an amateur when you could hire an artist with over 33 years of experience in the business. You can rest assured that a professional will deliver you your product on time and to the standards you deserve and expect.

  • The amateur cartoonist can’t possibly deliver the product you need for the price they quote
professional dentist with terrified patient in chair look on as boy scout wants to practice his dentistry on him. Make sure you use a professional cartoonist and not an amateur."

Would you use an amateur dentist to sort your teeth out? I don’t think so!

Sure, the amateur cartoonist quoting an insanely small fee may be a brilliant artist able to draw wonderfully. However, if they are earning so little from each drawing, they simply cannot afford the tools which are necessary in the digital World. Special programs are needed to digitally enhance the images, prepare them for quality print-outs or transference to online products. Without the graphical design skills and technology, you simply won’t be receiving the high-quality product you expect unless you work with a professional.

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Getting good out of a bad situation!

dougdissoutWhile searching around for a cartoon to illustrate an article on ‘turning bad situations into good ones’ I came across this cartoon I did in 1999. I started a series called ‘Manic Motivators’. Let me know what you think? Was it a good title for a motivational cartoons feature? Is it something worth resurrecting?

Good coming out of Bad!

Good coming out of Bad!

Good coming out of bad!

“11 Reasons Why You Will Never Succeed” By Gary Vurnum PART 6

REASON # 6 – You believe that you should enjoy
life whilst you can.

cartoon of guy watering his 'money plant' that has dollars growing on the branches.


So you might get run over by a car tomorrow…but the
chances are you won’t.

Thanks to advances in healthcare, you could well be
retired longer than you worked for. Never let your
borrowings grow old with you; pay them off as soon as you

What is the biggest cause of arguments between married
couples? Money.

What is the biggest cause of the poor getting poorer and
the rich getting richer? Abuse of money.

Have you noticed that the most addictive substances are
those that have to be replaced again and again?

– Alcohol
– Cigarettes
– Drugs

I would put money firmly in the same category. The
people who want more money the most…go out of their
way to dispose of it and get the thrill as quickly as
they can.
Rich and successful people look after their money.
They nurture it, so that it reproduces and grows. Poor
people waste it.
If you spent $3 every working day on a coffee instead
of putting the money towards paying off a credit card
…then you would be almost $6,500 worse off after 5
Just for having a coffee!
I hope that these steps have helped you realise that
it’s the little things that make a difference!

I’m a great fan of Gary Vurnum’s work and you can read more here…

How YOU can use motivational cartoons in your business!

I had a recent request to licence my ROAD TO SUCCESS cartoon from Charmaine Pollard of CP-Counselling & Consulting.

Road To Success!

Road To Success!

Her initial email was…Further to our conversation earlier, I would like you to provide a sketch/rework of your ‘it‚s the road to success’ cartoon and amend it to: It‚s the road to
Confidence and uses the below sign posts.

1. Well defined Goals
2. Self praise
3. Believe that you deserve the best
4. Being assertive
5. Managing stress & anxiety
6. Positive thoughts
7. Don‚t quit
8. Self acceptance
9. Stepping out of your comfort zone
10. Taking action

Please ensure Confidence is in a large size font.

The image will be the front page of a hand out which I will give to
participants, on A4 size paper.

Here’s the finished piece…

Road to Confidence!

Road to Confidence!

Having been skeptical about trying out a new company especially from the internet without any recommendations, I can honestly say. Richard Duszczak of Cartoon Studio Ltd’s work is amazing, his turn around time was exceptionally fast, and any requests for amendments were literally carried out in minutes.

I definitely will work with Cartoon Studio Ltd again, I am always keen to work with professional people, particularly those who are passionate about their work, provide an excellent level of professionalism and are exceptionally skilled at their work.

Charmaine Pollard
Principal Consultant

So, as you can see I’m always happy to work with you on your business ideas.

End of shameless plug!

20 Reasons Why You Suck At Golf!

My apologies for this post – I aim to give you motivational cartoons but I just loved this ‘suck at golf’ article by Matt Canham, I could have drawn cartoons for each of the 20 reasons – hopefully any golfers out there will love it like I did!?

With carpet like fairways, majestic trees, manicured greens, and fluffy sand bunkers, the game of golf brings out feelings of tranquility, harmony, respect and tradition. 
As a game once described by Winston Churchill as being "a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into a even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose," it also brings out swearing, frustration, increased blood pressure and shame. 
For most of us, in spite of a life time of dedication to the golf range, the golf course, the golf channel and the assortment of golf magaines and gurus, we will still suck at it. 

Here are the top 20 reasons why you also suck at golf.

1. You only ever hit a range ball on any hole with a water hazard. 
2. You're used to hearing muffled laughter after teeing off on the 1st with people watching. 
3. Your drives rarely pass the red ladies markers. 
4. You think an 8 is a really good score.
suck at golf, Golfer has scored an 8!

Golfer has scored an 8!

5. You regularly need to repair divots after putting. 
6. You still have a bright yellow or orange Top Flight golf ball in your bag. 
7. You still have a pink lady golf ball in your bag. 
8. You need to use your sand bucket to replace the hole you left in the bunker. 
9. You have golf balls in your bag with red stripes on them. 
10. You have a "magic pencil." 
11. You searched for "Charles Barkley Golf swing" to get some tips. 
12. You go to Yahoo answers to ask for golf swing advice. 
13. You consider hitting the neighboring fairway to be a good thing. 
14. You can accurately guess the age of a tree by the sound your ball makes hitting it. 
15. Your score is higher than weight. 
16. Your handicap and your score for 9 holes are roughly the same. 
17. Your last name is Mulligan. 
18. The temperature is the only thing about your score that will ever be in the 70s. 
19. Your story of loss at the water hazard involves an entire set of golf clubs. 
20. All the caddies scurry back into the caddyshack and hide when you arrive. 

If any of these 20 reasons resonate, well then it’s official — you suck at golf.

Matt Canham may be contacted at marinerblue@gmail.com. Click here to view more of their articles.
Matt Canham has been playing golf since the age of 7, has Caddied for Pros and worked for many years with his late Father, Australian PGA Member and Teaching Pro, Peter Canham. He has written 2 ebooks on golf and offers a free ebook titled "Introduction to Golf" at http://marinerblue.com/golf-improvement.html

Don’t do a good job, do a great job!

Don’t do a good job, do a FANTABULOUS job! Your consistent
behavior in your life translates into excellence, and that
is what your employer rewards.
* Be consistent
* Do a great job – in fact, do a fantastic job!
* Do more than expected – go the EXTRA mile!

Going The Extra Mile!

Going The Extra Mile!

This cartoon was produce for my local Chamber of Commerce who had it printed up as a Thank You card for employee’s who had done well in their jobs. Nice little touch!

Going The Extra Mile - Thank You card!

Going The Extra Mile - Thank You card!

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