Health and safety cartoons can save lives!

Health and safety cartoons can save lives!

Health and safety cartoons. Cartoon showing various health and safety hazards around the workplace. Guy falling down a manhole that has the cover removed. Guy over-reaching on a ladder

For an owner to demonstrate commitment in their establishment, they have to show that they advocate for health and safety in the work environment. They can do this by putting up health and safety cartoon awareness posters in different areas for the work place. This is in order to make people aware of possible risks and danger around them. One of the places that a person can issue health and safety cartoon posters is during a meeting. It is best done when orientating new comers, during training, problem solving meetings or even on a regular safety meeting.

Health and safety cartoons - hard hitting health and safety poster on the wall. H & S officer has outlined some serious issues.

Health and Safety cartoons are an easy and effective way of getting the message out to the concerned persons without needing much text.

People do not often read text handed out to them but a cartoon will be able to summarize most of the text and still get the safety tip across. These posters can prevent accidents and alert a person of any potential danger ahead even as they are walking past it. Health and safety cartoons can be done on different printing materials such as brochures, handbooks, magazines, newsletters, notice boards, billboards and statistical reports. They need to be attractive and meaningful, that way people can take the time to read the summarized text.

You can purchase stock health and safety cartoons from the main site Cartoon Motivators – but if you want bespoke health and safety cartoons drawn by a professional cartoonist call Richard on +44 1246 209034

Health and Safety Cartoon Calendar for 2012 – It’s NOT Too Late!

No, it’s not too late to design a 2012 health and safety cartoon calendar!

health and safety cartoon calendar, safety cartoon calendar, Christmas trip hazard

The above is from a health and safety cartoon calendar I worked on this time last year with Work Safe Consultancy.

They chose and purchased 12 cartoons from  the main web site: and then went along to one of those digital printers who quickly knocked out about 100 color calendars. You don’t have to have a print run of thousands nowadays. You can send these out to your favourite clients – and remember YOUR name will be in front of them all year!

It doesn’t have to be a health and safety calendar – you could choose 12 motivational cartoons to keep your clients or staff motivated all year!


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