Cartoon of Captain Positive – Being More Positive!

Captain Positive don't accept any negative stuff!

Captain Positive don't accept any negative stuff!

Hints and tips on becoming more positive

1. Train yourself to notice when you are happy and try to collect five happy moments every single day.
2. Get active – physical activity releases happy chemicals in our brains.
3. Sign up as a volunteer research shows that helping others gives us a sense of wellbeing.
4. Keep in contact with your mates – scientists report that individuals with a good social network are more likely to be positive people.
5. Write a letter of thanks to someone who has helped you or had a great influence on you. This will increase your positive and contented feelings.
6. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get sufficient sleep. It’s hard to feel positive if you aren’t treating your body with care and respect.
Written by Christine Webber

(My apologies to Christine – I lost your URL.)

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