Squash Rackets Cartoon Motivator!

I’m a great fan of squash and still enjoy a game 2 or 3 times a week. So I thought it’s about time I dug out some squash motivators….SquashMotivator-MakeIt

I found this piece about Jonah Barrington the most successful British squash player ever…

Such dedication fired an unquenchable desire to win. Michael Corby, for many years No 2 to him in Britain, remembers how Barrington cried after defeat in the quarter-finals of the world championship in Australia in 1967. ‘He cried because he cared so much,’ Corby said. ‘I used to say to him that of life’s many facets, he only had one and he should lighten up. But who is to say that I was right?’

Got any motivational squash rackets quotes – why not email some?

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