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Copyright Infringement Warning!

for Business Owners, Online Marketers, Website Owners, Developers, Bloggers and Graphic Designers

I’m not a lawyer and never will be. However, I can tell you that if you’ve been carelessly using graphics from around the Internet, you may be at risk of copyright infringement. It’s not a great idea to just copy and paste an image you like onto your website or blog! (In fact I had someone use one of my cartoons and then had painstakingly Photoshopped my copyright watermark out of it, not even a great job! They could have purchased the same cartoon for a few dollars.)

Over the years I’ve heard too many horror stories of lawsuits, court judgements and settlements (basically out-of-court “extortion fees”) being charged to website owners for seemingly minor copyright violations on graphics used on their sites..

As a freelance cartoonist and Internet Publisher, I totally understand how important it is to have good graphics for your website or blog.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find high-quality graphics that are fully legal, yet don’t cost an arm and a leg for licensing them.

Today we’ve found the perfect solution for you…my main site:

But I warn you, it’s going to be VERY hard to believe how massive this solution is and how super-inexpensive it is to have funny, motivational and inspiring cartoons on your blog or website.

You can also see cartoon examples at:


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