Health and Safety cartoons can save life and limb!

health and safety cartoons, illustrating a trip hazard from trailing cables

As I’m sure you’re aware you need to keep Health and Safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind 24-7. Health and Safety cartoons can illustrate
serious messages in a light hearted way. Most organisations primarily use the cartoons as posters, usually on a regular basis. In this way, employees are informed of ongoing safety issues. Consider safety cartoons via emails, training materials, Powerpoint presentations and calendars(They’re in front of them everyday of the year!)
Remember, save one accident and any cartoon you commission will have paid for itself a hundred fold.

Health and Safety Cartoons Get Serious Messages Across In A Funny Way!

Benefits of good health and safety cartoons…

  • reduced costs;
  • reduced risks;
  • lower employee absence rates;
  • fewer accidents as employees are made aware of possible accidents;
  • increased productivity, because employees are aware, healthier, happier and better motivated.
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Health and Safety Cartoons and manual handling cartoons


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