‘Go with your strengths. You’ll become even stronger as a result.’

Motivational pictures - cartoon of guy lifting weights and dog in one hand. Go with your strengths!When you love what you do you will never know the tiresome burden of boredom in your life. This is because you are now operating from a position of strength. Those who do this live above, not under, circumstances. They are free to make decisions for their own life because they like who they are, they know who they are and they believe in who they are. Trust your judgment. Take risks. Spread your wings. Experiment. Venture into unknown territory. Try something different. Eat a flavor of ice-cream you’ve never tasted before. Drive a route that you’ve never driven. Fly a kite. Ride a bike. Go fishing. Do it and feel the difference and feel the enstrengthening power that is flowing through your veins.

Words copyright Peter Sinclair 2003

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