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Good Morning Richard,

I train college students to be Lifeguards and quality employees.  Most have just gotten their freedom so it is my job to keep them focused on the goal whether that is for a day, week, of after graduation.  I try to instill information that will awaken their talents in the way of kindness, joy, love, honor , integrity and keeping their word.  Most of these students have never had any time management classes so that is another aspect of what I do.  Of course, our ultimate goal is to have no drowning in the pool and to teach as many people as possible about teaching their children to swim at an early age.  Your cartoons brings attention to some of these in a humorous way.  Thank you for sharing and caring. I look forward to Fridays. Sincerely, Sondra Ramsour

motivational cartoon of two carpenters who are building Noah's Ark which is in the background. Never be afraid to do something new. Remember amateurs built Noah's Ark and professionals built the Titanic.

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