Most people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at building it!

Most people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at building it!

Barriers to Business Growth – whiteboard animation

Here’s a whiteboard animation I’ve just completed for a long term client Maria Odeyemi of

A little bit about what Maria does:

We have been supporting leaders and business owners step into the characters necessary to  Start,Stay, and Grow their business for many years. Leaders gain more clarity, understanding, as well as focus.
During that time we’ve become very successful in helping our clients to generate the leads ..and dramatically increase their revenue and profits.


A little bit about what Maria said about me!

Richard of the Cartoon Studio has always provided inspiring, motivational cartoons and illustrations for my growing Coaching and Mentoring Practice. Since 2004 Richard has always been professional, patient, and accommodating.
Once again thank you for my very first ever You Tube Video ‘Stop Struggling with Your Business’ whiteboard animation. I hope that it  truly speaks and captures the heart of all small business owners who want to work ‘on’ their business as well as working ‘in’ their business.

Nice one Maria, thanks!

37 Principles For An Amazing Life – Part 3.

37 Principles For An Amazing Life – whiteboard animation cartoon video…

Finally here’s Part 3 of the mini series whitebaord animation ’37 Principles For An Amazing Life’. Sorry it’s taken so long.

Please click image to play.

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37 Principles For An Amazing Life - cartoon of people hugging and inspirational people encouraging another person


37 principles for an amazing life cartoon video – Part 3. Whiteboard animation.

Written By Gavin Ingham
Cartoons and video by Richard Duszczak

26. Read every day. Read personal development books, biographies, subject matter books, fiction. Just read. Apart from helping you relax and focus, reading also keeps you on top of your game and might well help stave off many diseases.

27. Don’t do technology in bed. Seriously. It’s bad for sleep, it’s bad for posture and it’s bad for your sex life.

28. Protect your thinking. It’s the most important thing you have along with your health. Don’t let others infect you with negativity or destructive mental patterns and thoughts.

29. Take responsibility. If you want love, money, success, happiness, joy… take responsibility for it. 100% responsibility. Stop blaming others. Your life has nothing to do with them, it’s down to you.

30. Give compliments every day.

31. Give 100% and when you’re done, stop. If something is worth doing, do it well. Then do something else.

32. Do less. Do it better. Stop rushing. Work out what is really important. Do that.

33. Spend time on personal development. Have a vision for your life, set goals, define daily actions, hold yourself accountable, keep a record, visualise, form a mastermind team.

34. Spend time with inspirational people. You become most like the people you spend the most time with… you know that.

35. Hug. Hold hands. Kiss. Embrace. Maybe not random strangers but definitely those that you love.

36. Do one act of random kindness every day.

37. Work hard. Be the best that you can be. Make your work your masterpiece, whatever it is. Be the best salesperson you can be, or the best managing director, or the best firefighter, or the best dish washer…

Here’s the previous two parts if you missed them:

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Cartoon Character ‘Pozzy Tivv’ – Your Own Personal Motivator.

cartoon strip of people stranded in the desert, all dying for a drink. Some of them turn back but one guy carries on and eventually finds an oasis bar for an ice cold beer.

Workplace Safety – Safety First Rules – whiteboard animation health and safety cartoon

Workplace Safety – Safety First Rules – whiteboard animation health and safety cartoon

Workplace Safety – whiteboard animation health and safety cartoon Click image to see YouTube video!

For safety cartoon and whiteboard videos please call Richard on +44 1246 209034 or email

If you would like to purchase a license for this whiteboard animation video and use it in your company training programme. Or have it customised with your company logo or details. I’m also happy to make edits to the video to suit your needs.

Top 10 Success Quotes – whiteboard animation

Top 10 Success Quotes – whiteboard animation cartoon video

Top 10 Success Quotes – motivational whiteboard animation. Here’s the quotes used:

1. In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

2. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

3. The starting point of all achievement is desire.

4. Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.

5. Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.

6. Success is that old ABC – ability, breaks, and courage.

7. Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

8. Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

9. Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.

10. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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Safety cartoon – The Importance of Proper Health and Safety Practice in the Workplace is Vital to the Success of a Business

Health and safety cartoon – The Importance of Proper Health and Safety Practice in the Workplace is Vital to the Success of a Business

safety cartoon, Office Health and safety hazards cartoon. Hazards in a office environment. Spot the health and safety hazards cartoon. Numerous health and safety hazards illustrated in this office hazards cartoon. Health and safety cartoon for training purposes - ask your staff how many hazards they can spot?

Office Health and safety hazards cartoon. Over 50 hazards to be spotted in this office safety cartoon. Hazards in a office environment. Spot the health and safety hazards cartoon. Numerous health and safety hazards illustrated in this office hazards cartoon. Health and safety cartoon for training purposes

This safety cartoon colorfully illustrates some common place accidents that may happen at work.

There is nothing worse for a business than a worker injury. Sometimes it can be life changing and even fatal making some proper training and understanding of basic practices a vital part of all workplace training. No one should be like Tom in the top right on the ladder. He is too high up, he should be at least one step down so his body can rest on the ladder, and ever worse is his friend Jeff below who is chatting on a phone when he should be spotting Tom by holding the ladder steady. The fact that it’s propped up on a pallet is on a whole other level of danger. Ladders must always be setup in a safe fashion with all 4 legs firmly planted on the ground, never balanced on other objects. A fall from a ladder at that height can be fatal. At least Tom is wearing safety gear because he is going to need it soon.

Mark is likely to get food poisoning from that kitchen area that the office has clearly neglected. Leaving food around to rot can contaminate other food which could lead to a series of inter office food poisoning, which isn’t as dangerous as improper ladder use but could be very costly for a business and in some cases can be very dangerous. Adam on the left is also using a ladder in a very dangerous way, it is the most common form of injury and it is because of people not taking ladder use seriously. Always have a spotter. What’s even worse is the toxic waste casually stored next to him! If you work in an environment with hazardous waste it is not only important but it is the law that it be disposed of properly and environmentally. Leaving it around the workplace can cause seriously negative health side effects.

Martin seems to be struggling with his photocopy machine but it is no doubt because the fuse has been blown. The outlet that the machine is plugged into has so many extra cords coming off of it that it’s likely being over charged. This can be extremely dangerous. Electrical fires are almost impossible to identify when they start and before anyone knows they are going, they have burned out half the inside of the building. Overcharging an outlet is reckless and dangerous, not to mention that this office has them stretched out all over the place for people to walk and trip on. Make sure that the outlet can support the voltage that you will be drawing from it, and if it can handle some power bar extensions keep them tidy and out of people’s way. If you are going to setup an electric heater like the one off of this same outlet, dragged out into the middle of the room, make sure it is not near anything flammable. These office workers have it setup near a stack of documents, now not only would it be terrible to lose some hard earned work because the pages got scorched, but it could possibly burn the building down. Electric heaters are often not efficient ways of heating and should only be used sparingly and must be used safely.

You purchase a licence to use this safety cartoon at:

Why you should hire a professional cartoonist, not an amateur.

An article explaining why quality matters when hiring the best professional cartoonist for the job.

If you find yourself in need of a cartoonist in today’s market of online freelancing websites, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of people to choose from. Different artists from all over the World charging different prices, with different skillsets and different qualities. There are literally tens of thousands of options to choose from. It may be tempting to choose the cheapest option you see – $2 for a cartoon may look great, but when the average price for a cartoon can be between $20 and $100 – you have to ask why it is being offered for so cheap. The answer is simple: They are an amateur cartoonist! You would not hire a boy-scout with a surgeon’s badge to operate on you, so why settle for anything less than the best when choosing your cartoonist. You may be asking why it is so important to spend the extra money on a professional cartoonist. Well,

  • Can the amateur complete your cartoon in the timescale you require?

A cheap, amateur cartoonist may tell you that they will complete your cartoon to a high standard in the time span you need. But ask yourself this question. If they are offering their services so cheaply, how many clients do you think they have at a single time? They are likely taking up all the work they possibly can, meaning you may be waiting days longer than expected for….

  • Sub-standard or downright terrible work

A cartoonist is an artist. Why hire an amateur when you could hire an artist with over 33 years of experience in the business. You can rest assured that a professional will deliver you your product on time and to the standards you deserve and expect.

  • The amateur cartoonist can’t possibly deliver the product you need for the price they quote
professional dentist with terrified patient in chair look on as boy scout wants to practice his dentistry on him. Make sure you use a professional cartoonist and not an amateur."

Would you use an amateur dentist to sort your teeth out? I don’t think so!

Sure, the amateur cartoonist quoting an insanely small fee may be a brilliant artist able to draw wonderfully. However, if they are earning so little from each drawing, they simply cannot afford the tools which are necessary in the digital World. Special programs are needed to digitally enhance the images, prepare them for quality print-outs or transference to online products. Without the graphical design skills and technology, you simply won’t be receiving the high-quality product you expect unless you work with a professional.

Commission a professional cartoonist…Call Richard on +44 1246 209034 or email

37 Principles For An Amazing Life. Part-1

37 Principles For An Amazing Life.

I thought I would share 37 principles that I have learnt and taught over the years that have made a significant difference in mine and other peoples’ lives…

1. Get up every day and be grateful for what you have. Focusing on what you don’t have is an energy sucker. Start from a place of gratitude and you will be more motivated and achieve more.

2. Spend time getting in touch with what is truly important to you. Our values shape and drive us. Stop living someone else’s life and live your own.
3. Success is defined by you. Only you know what will make you happy, make you content and satisfy you. Take time to define your success.

4. Use visualisation. Proper use of visualisation techniques for goal setting, future pacing, practising and rehearsal is paramount for success.
5. Talk positively to yourself. Stop beating yourself up verbally and be your own best success coach. Silence your inner critic and embrace the cheerleader within.

6. See other peoples’ perspectives. People do things for a reason. Work out what it is. You will find it easier to connect with friends, family, colleagues, staff…

7. Save money at the start of every month. Money is a poor motivator. Many people do things for money. That is not the path to happiness. Focus on creating a financial cushion so that you have more choices and are less focused on making a quick buck.

8. Lose the technology. Give 100% attention to people. Turn of the darn tech and focus on really connecting with those around you.

9. Listen.

10. Seek to understand what people are really saying and stop translating it into your language and your model of the world. Take a trip to theirs.

11. Do one thing at a time. Really. It’s liberating.

12. Get fit. It’s important. Really important. Eat well, sleep well, exercise well. Move. Every day.

Written By Gavin Ingham
Cartoons and video by yours truly Richard Duszczak

If you are interested in purchasing a whiteboard animation similar to the 37 Principles For An Amazing Life drawn to your own specifications please email:

Richard Duszczak

Part 2 to follow shortly!

Let’s enjoy life and squeeze as much out of every hour that we can possibly extract.

Take an orange and squeeze every last drop out of it. Your life is just like that succulent fruit and should be treated with the same intensity. Squeeze every last drop out of each day. Don’t let one hour pass you by without saying, ‘Hello hour’. Once a minute is lost you will never see her again. Even a second cannot pass you by without a hint of sadness that our little friend will never reappear in your life. Life is to be lived to the fullest. It is to be enjoyed. It is to be hugged. It is to be kissed. So precious is time that you must never pass a moment without drawing the juice of life from its very being.

squeezing time, cartoon of a guy squeezing time from a clock, cartoon motivational memo, dog saying 'You have plenty of time on your hands!'

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