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How often have you been perplexed with the problem of what to get someone as a gift? After all, how many ties or bottles of aftershave can you give a man before it’s too much? Or your mum or dad, who always says: “Oh, I’ll love anything you give me!”

Beyond friends and family, what about a little something different to give out at the office? Aren’t you tired of just giving the “Employee of the Month” a boring certificate?
Employee of the Month!
Well, here at Cartoon Motivators, I specialize in creative and unique caricatures for personalized gifts or corporate awards. If you’re looking for a great, unique way to award someone in your company, or just a cool way to say how much you appreciate someone, then I can provide you with completely original and unique caricatures of your favorite faculty member, loved one or friend.

All you have to do is send me a photo of the person and some helpful tips on their hobbies and personalities. I will sketch an initial cartoon for your approval. People always love the little personal touches. A caricature that shows your friend/loved one skiing down the Alps or punting up the Thames makes it so much more fun than just a simple picture. And, you don’t have to worry about the picture being inappropriate for “young eyes”; I do cartoons that are acceptable for anyone to see.

You can decline the design or make suggestions about how you want me to change your cartoons. Once I get something that you are happy with, and you give approval of the final copy, I will then send you a black and white or full color copy of your cartoon.

Best Player in the Universe!

When it comes to the workplace, personalized caricatures are great motivators and visual affirmations of one’s appreciation for all their hard work and efforts. It will be such a delight to your employee for them to see themselves working away in a comical drawing. A little, light humour always helps people to wile away their time: it makes work less stressful.

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