Seminar, Workshop and Event Cartooning!

A Unique Way to Preserve the Memorable Events How many special events have you attended in your life? I’ve been to weddings and anniversaries, and birthdays galore. And, how are they often remembered? Mostly with photos and video, right? Well, I’ve always found cartoons to be an effective and simple (and great!) way to preserve a special memory or occasion. Also, if you went to a seminar or some sort of training session, I can do cartoons that will highlight certain points or aspects of it. The cartoons can be a permanent reminder of the day – whatever the event. I can design cartoons for you, or you can give me specific ideas for original and high impacting ideas. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, it’s been my experience that a cartoon is worth double that. As a cartoonist, I can come to your party/seminar (whatever the event is) and create one-off unique cartoons for you.

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Seminar, Workshop and Event Cartooning!

If it’s a training seminar of some kind, the cartoons can help to accent your main points and ideas. If party is for someone’s birthday, I can do up a great cartoon to commemorate them (maybe with a touch of humor!). In the case of a wedding or anniversary, I can create a lovely image to help preserve the memories of the day. It’s been my experience, that simple cartoons are very effective for businesses and organizations. They create a unique and easy way of highlighting certain parts of an event or speech. Plus, I can create as many paper copies as you need. They’re great for daily reminders. Also, by sending your staff electronic copies of the cartoons, they’re a great way to remind people of ideas that were raised or important dates for future engagements. I focus on clean, inspirational and motivational cartoons. You don’t have to worry that my images might offend someone. They are sure to please everyone attending, as well as make your seminar stand out against all the other ho-hum events your guests may have been to before. After all, think about it, how many events have you gone to where they handed out cartoons? You want to give your guests something different to make your event stand out and be remembered? Well, with my creative and unique event cartooning, you can do just that.

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