Health And Safety Cartoons Get The Point Across In A Funny Way!

Health And Safety Cartoons Get The Point Across

While the majority of people in a workplace understand that there is a need for health and safety, there is often an immediate turnoff when the term is brought up. There is now an almost blanking of the term, with many people equating to effectively banning the way that people used to work or carry out their activities. Things are not like the good old days but in many ways, they are for the better and the increase in health and safety is an important factor in improved working conditions.

The challenge for employers is to get the key points about health and safety across to their employees in the right manner. To engage with employees, the information can’t be boring or dull and yet, it has to get the relevant points across. This can be a tall order but if you need to ensure that your employees are on board for health and safety, there may be a way to do so effectively without breaking the bank.

health and safety cartoons depicting hazards based around an airport. Airline ground staff safety hazards, cartoon showing luggage cart hazards, trip and slip hazard, woman slipping on oil spill, staff member about to trip over rubbish/garbage, woman walking in high heels, luggage cart piles high with cases

To get a message across effectively, the message has to be delivered sharply, effectively and in a format that people will actually want to read. One of the best ways to deliver a health and safety message is through health and safety cartoons. Very few people are going to take the time to read pages of script telling them what they can and cannot do. However, if you provide employees with a few cartoon strips, either online or in paper format, you will find that the vast majority of employees will take the time to read it over.

Engagement is good but there needs to be more

This ensures that the first step in getting a positive health and safety message across to employees has been taken. Engagement is important but there is also a need to make sure that the message comes across. This is where it is of benefit to turn to a professional. Most workplaces will have someone with drawing talent but there is a need to be able to deliver a great or interesting illustration with a health and safety cartoon.

Health and safety cartoons needs to obvious, it needs to be immediate and it needs to be very clear in what it is saying.

This is why hiring the services of a cartoonist who has a great deal of experience in this area will be of benefit to any firm or business. With respect to value for money, the return that comes from using a professional in this field outstrips the value of using someone in-house who may not be able to get the right point across. This may create a funny cartoon or an illustration that is of high quality but with respect to the proper health and safety message, it will not be sufficient.

Companies need to work harder to get the message across…

Companies have legal and moral obligations to look after their employees and ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to work safely. Being able to provide tips and guidelines for working safely is a crucial element for all businesses. Anything which can help to reduce work based accidents or days off through injury are worth pursuing for a company.

This is why commissioning health and safety cartoons can pay for themselves.

Adding some light-hearted humour to the office or workplace is of benefit but it can also get the message across effectively. Sometimes when a firm comes on “heavy handed” with regards to information, people will deliberately turn away from the information. Providing a health and safety message that is funny but effective will keep the message light but will ensure it gets across.

Every business should have an interest in promoting health and safety. Commissioning health and safety cartoons or artwork should provide a value for money and effective way of getting your message across.

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