Cartoon Motivators

Cartoon Motivators

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'Cartoon Motivational Memo' 'Helping You To Smile Your Way To Success!'
Cartoon of guy walking unaware of a massive rock that's about to fall onto his head. He says "I've got what it takes to win!" Dog comments... "We'll stand strong when the storms arrive!"
'I will feed on the 'good stuff' now, because by doing so I will be more than ready to deal with the 'bad stuff' when it happens.'
By living in this world, there is a probability that we at some point are going to be confronted with 'bad stuff'. The way we handle this will be greatly determined by the amount of time and effort we have invested in getting the 'good stuff' into our hearts and minds. Life is a seasonal affair and it is what we do in the spring- time of our lives that will determine how we fare in the wintertime. Strengthen yourself when the weather is fare and you will stand strong when the storms arrive. You will then be able to set your sails correctly and ride with the winds towards your life's dreams.