How To Set And Achieve A Goal

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How To Set And Achieve A Goal

"How To Set And Achieve A Goal"
by Arina Nikitna

It doesn't matter what your goal is - to lose
weight, to quit smoking, to find a new job or
to achieve a better all-around life. The new
ebook "How To Set And Achieve A Goal" by
Arina Nikitina will help you to achieve any goal
you've set for yourself

Nothing is impossible if you have a foolproof step-by-step
action plan and motivation to make your dreams a reality.
"How To Set And Achieve A Goal" is a complete goal setting
guide that will show you step-by-step what to do to live a
life you always wanted.

The book is divided into four parts. The first one will
help you to realize your dreams, choose a goal and make it

The second part feature eight simple doable steps for
achieving your goal. All the tips and techniques make this
approach so quick and easy that goal setting will become
fun for you!

In the third part you will find five most powerful
motivation techniques: success questions, success
stimulants, affirmation, visualization, and reward

And the final, fourth part will provide you with
information how to follow your plan and don't fail. You
will learn how to form a success habit, how to find time
for your action plan and how to effectively solve problems.

"I am very pleased with my purchase of your goal-setting
guide. I was hesitant and a little skeptical to buy this
over the internet, but I am very happy with it and am
finding it most useful." - Mary Hanson

With all the tools and techniques described in this book it
is impossible to fail in goal setting. Finally, you can
make your New Years resolutions a reality and turn your
wishes into actual accomplishments.