How to Commission

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How to Commission


You get to tap into 25 years of full-time cartooning experience, resulting in quickness of thought and speed of pen!
I'm very flexible and willing to adapt to different styles or your suggestions. You can mould and develop me into the cartoonist you want!
You get well defined rough sketches in the first instance, giving you a good idea of the finished cartoon. I only complete artwork on your approval.
You can give me a tight brief or I can supply my own ideas to illustrate your presentation, article or feature. I'm here to solve your problems!
Work comes first with me! You won't find me on the golf course. In fact, some say I'm a workaholic...I love cartooning, especially motivational cartoons!!!

HOW TO COMMISSION CARTOONS... the first instance please email me or call on +44 1246 209034 or use the 'Online' facility to chat with your requirements/ideas ie:

  • You might want to have a speech illustrated - I'd need a copy of the parts you'd need illustrating or a brief of the cartoon or cartoons you have in mind
  • A motivational greetings card/postcard created - jot down your idea or do a scribble - stick men will do fine!

Give me an idea of when you need the cartoons for and I'll do my best to reach your deadline.

Tell me what you would like, where and how you want to use the cartoons you I will then email you back with a quote for the work. I'm easy to work with and I have the experience to help relieve the stress! Looking forward to working with you!

I will then do some pencil sketches for your approval. On approval I will complete the artwork in either black/white or full colour.

All artwork is supplied as 300dpi printable images in GIF format (for black and white images) or JPEG format (for greyscale or colour images). Other formats can be supplied on request. Please contact to discuss.