Cartoon Motivators

Cartoon Motivators

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Cartoon Motivational Memo - Roadblock. 'Helping You To Smile Your Way To Success!' Guy in car at roadblock looking at workers sign 'STOP'. "The other side of stop is go!" Detour, Absolutely no way through. Dog says "We'll just have to find another way!" Barriers, roadblocks, traffic cones. There's absolutely no way through.
'To quit doing that which is good, in order to pursue that which is best, is not quitting at all.'
I can't find the word 'quit' in my 'success' dictionary. However, if I discover that something is not working effectively in my life, and after I'm convinced that the roadblock is secure, I'm never afraid to discard it. Then it's time to swiftly pick up the baton that will carry me on to victory. In this day and age of incredible change we must remain fluid, ever ready to move and ever flexible. Our principles and life goals must remain solidly planted in rock, yet the road we travel on, to fulfil these and reach them, is to be set in sand. Don't hang on to 'good' if 'best' is knocking at your door.